tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

Fantasic, awesome, beautiful, wonderful, great, unbelievable - love 'em

Ahh shoes, what a marvelous invention!

They have the gift to satisfy the entire humanity..
Boys, girls, dwarfs, old, young, it really doesn't matter.. For they can be or mean, something special 'n unique for each of us.
But i do think - partly because i am one - that girls enjoy the beauty of shoes a bit more than boys. Just like accessories and jewelry.. It's just of more importance to us girls. It's just awesome, because there's so many different kinds! They love us, we love them - especially if they're not too expensive.. then we might even love them more.

Sadly the ones in the picture, isn't mine, but my friends. Who btw, has way to many shoes for her not to share and donate a few of 'em to me.
so yeah, I don't have enough shoes, yet! I'm working on it. And with a stable job, that provids me a certain amount every month, i'm good to go!

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