tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

Don't you know the feeling of total surrender?

I can assure you i do.. both in the bad way, when you let someone in and you end up getting hurt. But also in the good, fantastic way. When you let your guards don't and just talk.. you know share stuff and thoughs with a friend..

I had that feeling recently, it was pretty great.. I was just talking with one of my nearest friends, and we both totally.. surrendered.. haha i mean it, we told eachother everything - random things, funny things, wishes and ofc we talked about boys - not that we're not honest otherwise, but there is just this.. line, that if the person crosses it, then they get bombed out, and the person simply doesn't answer.

i love that feeling, and i love my friends for sharing with me.. omg, sounds like a hippie.. well ftw, i'm a happy hippie right now - partly because it's the holidays and that means (daaah) no school!

Sharing everything
making you become one

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