søndag den 13. februar 2011

"The eyes is the window to the soul"

So this is my eye.. " Like a blue ocean" said by my (on ocassions) sweet littlesister.
Imagine that.. if the eyes really do reveal ones soul. Is it said because, we can see when one is untrue? Or is it because you use the phrase " love at first sight" ? -Guess it could be the last one.. do you believe in resurrection?
comming back after death, with a new body, the mind all clear, but deep inside your soul you know about your past' lifes.. And when you look that special someone in the eye, maybe there's some sort of recongnition, deep inside you? That feeling when you see someone, you don't know 'em, but still you get a certain impression..  Maybe , maybe not - that's for someone to know, and us to find out.      

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