tirsdag den 1. marts 2011

a new me suited diet.. oh damn

So this is it! I have to quit eating unhealthy..
I need to dump candy, cake, whip cream, soda, and all that other stuff containing sugar.. I've tried this quite a few times, not that succsessful unfortunally. I'm not a mountain, but compared to my friends, I sort of am. Besides today I saw my x, and it looked like he was in better shape than me. And then it just clicked in me.. That could not, should not be true. So I'm also going to have, to be more active. Go to fitness more often, at least once a week, two if I can at minimum, and ofc more if i have the time.
So the plan is: I need to hold my distance to candy etc. and go to Fitness. And by that, hopefully I'll get thinner.
 I'll report back to ya'll with tips, how to hold it, and if i am...  haha wish me luck!    

So bye bye delicious yummy cake 'n candy. I'll miss ya terrible

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