tirsdag den 22. marts 2011

A cold look from the past..

A girl once had a boyfriend. Her first and biggest love. Even though he was a prick most of the time, she didn't see it, 'cause love made her blind. After they broke up, she ended up being the good 'n sweet one, by writing to him a year later, asking how he was.. what did she get? nothing.. Another year past and then he got mentioned in school, so she joined the talk.

Let me just say this, never underestimate the saying: Speak of the devil, and he shall apear. 
When she saw him, she was once again the sweet one, saying hi. And what did she get?
A cold nod, and a hey.. as if they were strangers. Maybe i'm a bit old fashion, but when you spend your every night and talked / wrote to the rest of the time - can't you then expect just a bit politeness?
I mean come on.. how hard is it? I know how hard it isn't, but seriously. Give me a break.
And I know, at their time together, the feelings wasn't one sided, but still.. how can you change so much in two years?

That much i guess.. But luckely, I now see my mistake. And i'm glad I made it. Because the only thing changing and shaping a human is their experience.. and along with the good, there is bad..
And honey, you were the worst.

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