fredag den 25. februar 2011

To go list

  • London with coffee shops, Big Ben, old bookshops. And here's an oldie, the typical phone booth!
  • Paris with fashion, the Eiffel tower, parle francais, not that mine is all that good, but it could be..
  • Las Vegas, gambling, losing, winning, drinking, party 'n dance all night long. 
  • Egypt, pyramids, the heat, Cleopatra, all the history, aaahhh wonderfull!
  • Mexico the land of taco sauce, big colorfull hats and lets not forget all the lationo boys, yeeiih caramba!
  • San Francisco with golden gate bridge, speaking the language that i love the most - hate danish, it's so filthy and rough, english has all the cool words, for the boring ones in danish.. trust me on this one - don't learn the language. 
  • Brazil, where my wonderfull friend is from. From what i hear, it should be warm, fun and absolutly fantastic with her <3  
And OFC shopping is a priority everywhere. And chill.. these is only a few of the places i must go to, but the best. But i need too bring two certain people each on different journeys. One in London, Paris and San Francasco. And the other in Brazil, Mexico,Las Vegas and Egypt. 
I love these two girls, they mean a whole lot to me, and i'm determed that we're going somewhere together.. one day  

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