fredag den 25. februar 2011

Losing track of time

I have this feeling all the time lately, and it pisses me of!
i hate feeling that i haven't got enough time. And that feeling is just becoming a daily one! GRRR .
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it! I certainly don't have enough time for my friends, i feel like i'm letting them down, all the time. I don't spend enough time with my family in the weekly days, but right now i'm actually preparing for a night with my sister and mom, so that'll be nice 'n cosy ! But in the 5 school days, i just don't have enough time with them.
I don't have enough time to go work out, at Fitness, even though i REALLY want too. luckely I had time to squeeze an hour in today. I'm lucky, I have good genes, but certain things, like my stoomach, shouldn't have been that big, not that i'm a hippopatamus, but it wouldn't hurt, to lose a few pounds here and there..
To continue. I don't have enough time to work. I work at a café and the bookshop. I'll soon be starting at gymnasium, and that is going to take a lot of my spare time to get use to it, and the homework will be doubled and i have new friends to make, and i have to keep in touch with the others.


ah, i needed to get it out of my system. That was good, remember.

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